“Redefinning Hydrocarbon Microseepage Detection Methods In Mature Basins”
Geochemical Surveys
Red River Geochem has completed a comprehensive sampling survey of each of the following tracts in the last year:
  • “Block 12/31”, Clay County
  • Brockreide, Wichita County
  • Brockreide “A”, Wichita County
  • Burnett A, Wichita County
  • Canan Ranch, Archer County
  • Covey, Haskell County
  • Dickey “A”, Wichita County
  • Frerich, Archer County
  • Hodges A & B, Wichita County
  • House Ranch, Archer County
  • House Ranch “A”, Archer County
  • Ikard Heirs, Archer County
  • Kempner, Wichita County
  • Manary Heirs, Clay County
  • Mayo Heirs, Clay County
  • McGregor Ranch, Archer County
  • Perkins, Clay County
  • Prideaux, Archer County
  • Rutherford, Knox County
  • Schlaffke, Wichita County
  • Taylor “45”, Wichita County
  • W. Kempner, Wichita County